ARINC825 - the CAN standard for all future Airbus/Boeing aircraft

The Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC), organized by ARINC , develops engineering and technical standards for airborne electronics of common interest to all segments of the aviation community. Technical standards adopted by the AEEC are published as ARINC Standards by the ARINC Industry Activities secretariat. ARINC Standards describe avionics, cabin systems, protocols, and interfaces used by more than 10,000 air transport and business aircraft worldwide. Commercial Air Transport aircraft have already incorporated Controller Area Network (CAN) to a great extent.

In order to ensure interoperability between CAN networkes subsystems, the Network Infrastructure and Security group of the AEEC has defined the new standard ARINC825. As a member of this group, Stock Flight Systems is deeply involved in the definition of the communication concept and the overall standardization.

Based on CAN extended frames with 29-bit identifiers, ARINC825 will be the CAN standard for all future Airbus and Boeing aircraft but is applicable to General Aviation aircraft as well. For this reason,

ARINC825 also provides a compatibility interface for CANaerospace which has many similarities in the communication mechanisms. All Stock Flight Systems products are ARINC825 compatible. Together with our partner companies Wetzel Technology and Innovative Control Systems, Inc. , we also provide an integrated solution for the ARINC825 standard. A presentation giving a short overview of ARINC825 can be found here.

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