Integrated Flight State and Navigation Sensor (IFNS)

The Integrated Flight State and Navigation Sensor (IFNS) provides complete flight state and three dimensional GPS position data together with air data including baro-corrected altitude and calibrated airspeed. All data is acquired, processed in realtime and transmitted over the integrated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interface. The IFNS is the ideal choice for an airborne, CANerospace network based flight data recording system.
The heart of the IFNS is the MicroINS from Rockwell Collins Athena Controls which provides solid

state gyros for the pitch, roll and yaw axis, integrated silicon accelerometers, a three axis magnetometer for magnetic heading reference and a 12-channel GPS receiver with aerospace standard L1/L2 antenna. All data is precomputed, filtered, calibrated and transmitted via a CANaerospace/ARINC825 interface at a rate of 50/s (20ms) and conveyed in engineering units.
Optionally, up to 16 additional discrete/analog inputs can be used to combine additional aircraft data with the IFNS information and transmit it together with the IFNS data in a time correlated manner.

General Complete inertial reference system including three dimensional GPS position and air data
Signal Update Rate 50/s for all parameters
Performance 200kts speed range, +/- 200 deg/s angular rates, no signal loss during aerobatic manoevers
CAN Interface Optically isolated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interface
Options Analog control position pickoff inputs, 400kts speed range, +/- 600 deg/s angular rate