NECScompact is a ruggedized, embedded computer system providing numerous real world interfaces and 32-bit computing power. The system is based on the Freescale MC68376 microcontroller and provides 60 configurable I/O signals together with an optically isolated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interface.NECScompact operates from an unregulated 9-36 VDC power supply according to EN2282.

The power input lines are protected against polarity reversion and electromagnetic interference. NECScompact is designed specifically as a flexible, airborne data concentrator for CANaerospace/ARINC825 networks. The NECScompact firmware which is configurable through CANaerospace significantly reduces the time required for integration.

Processor MC68376/20 MHz microcontroller
SRAM 512 kByte
FLASH 512 kByte (16 bit wide)
CAN Interface Optically isolated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interface according to ISO 11898
Discrete Inputs 24 discrete TTL input channels
Discrete Outputs 16 discrete output channels (500mA @ 30VDC)
PWM Outputs 16 TTL PWM output channels
Analog Outputs 4 analog output channels (0-5VDC)
Analog Inputs 16 analog input channels (0-5VDC)
System Configuration CANaerospace Node Service Interface
Options Customized I/O submodules available on request