The powerful airborne realtime control system

The Dual Core PowerPC-based Network Extended Control System (PowerNECS) is a ruggedized, modular computer system providing numerous real world interfaces and high computing power. Up to 200 PowerNECS units may communicate with each other, workstations, PCs or other realtime control systems by means of Controller Area Network (CAN). The standard communication protocols used within PowerNECS-based systems are CANaerospace and ARINC825.

Additionally, PowerNECS supports UDP/IP communication through an Application Programmer Interface (API).PowerNECS consists of the power supply and

the bus master module supporting a standard or custom I/O module for application-specific I/O.The master module is ased on a Virtex-4 FX-60 FPGA with dual PowerPC processors operating at 200 MHz clock frequency and provides four optically isolated CAN and a 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interface together with a MicroSD card slot for system configuration and onboard data storage. The power supply module supplies the bus master module as well as the I/O module with all required voltages derived from a 9-36VDC unregulated EN2282 compliant power input. The power input lines are protected against transient overvoltage and electromagnetic interference.

Technology Virtex-4 FX-60 FPGA based system
Processor Dual PowerPC 405 processors (200 MHz each)
CAN Interfaces 4 optically isolated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interfaces
CAN Controllers Bosch C_CAN controller IP cores
Onboard Processors Dual on-chip PowerPC processors (200 MHz each)
FLASH Memory 512 MB
Data Storage Support MicroSD Card Interface
Ethernet Interface 10/100/1000 Base T
Other Interfaces GPS 1PPS inputs
Options 8 non-isolated CANaerospace/ARINC825 interfaces