Unlimited Aerobatic Flight Simulator - UAFS

Pitts S2B aircraft
Stock Flight Systems Test Aircraft: Pitts S2B

The Unlimited Aerobatic Flight Simulator (UAFS) is a joint project between the Institute of Flight Systems of the German Aerospace Center DLR in Braunschweig and Stock Flight Systems.

The target of the UAFS project is a fully aerobatic capable simulator of the Aviat Pitts S2B/C aircraft driven by a highly nonlinear flight dynamics model. For this purpose, the aircraft static data including the moments of inertia have been evaluated and are combined with flight state data acquired during standard and aerobatic manoevers covering the entire envelope of the highly agile biplane driven by a 260hp Lycoming engine.


Evaluation of the moments of inertia by swinging the aircraft around its axes and recording the accelerations and movements

Stock Flight Systems' IFNS, PowerNECS and MicroCDU constitute the CANaerospace networked flight data recording system which is used for the UAFS flight test trials. Data reduction, evaluation, computing and the entire development of the advanced flight dynamics model are done by the DLR Institute of Flight Systems.